About ME

Hi there! My name is Rowena and I'm a multi-disciplinary designer based in Sydney, Australia. What initially sparked my interest in design was creating blog layouts when I was a teenager as a way of expressing myself. Today, I absolutely love doing illustrations & designing fun collateral for clients. I believe it is extremely important to design with a socially conscious mind that is backed with research. My personal work is heavily inspired by nature, mythology & mindfulness. I would describe my style as fun, simple yet detailed and quirky. If I'm not illustrating/designing something I would be doing one of the following: eating my heart out, binge watching TV shows, playing The Sims, watching slime videos or being a potato.



  • Change Agents - Kudos Gallery

  • The Annual - UNSW A&D





I am available for commissions or for a decent chat.

You can email me at hello@rowenasy.com or simply fill out the form below.

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